A Date with Danger 2021

A Date with Danger 2021 - Full (HD)

A Date with Danger

Plot Summary:

Recently divorced Nikki is a single mom looking for a fresh start in a new town. After she befriends fellow single mom Liz, the vivacious Liz takes Nikki under her wing, even giving Nikki a job at her popular boutique. To Nikki, Liz represents everything she aims to be, and she takes Lizu0026#39;s advice on her career, child-rearing, and love life very seriously. She even ends a new relationship with Gavin, a charming neighbor, when Liz points out red flags Nikki didnu0026#39;t even know to look for. But after Liz goes missing and all signs point to Lizu0026#39;s jealous ex, who she was in a custody battle with, Nikki is beside herself with grief. To her surprise, Gavin becomes her rock and even helps her dig into Lizu0026#39;s suspicious ex to help her (and the cops) close the case. But after Lizu0026#39;s ex is arrested for her murder, Nikki spots new clues no one else sees that point to the true killer.
Director: Cat Hostick
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Thriller
Release date: July 3, 2021 (United States)