A Perfect Match 2021

A Perfect Match 2021 - Full (HD)

A Perfect Match

Plot Summary:

When Zoe Williams has to prove to a big investor that her companyu0026#39;s new dating app works, she tests it on herself and soon ends up on a date with her complete opposite, Oliver Beckett, an easygoing, spontaneous artist. Huh. Not exactly Zoeu0026#39;s type. Even though itu0026#39;s clear the pair have chemistry, Zoeu0026#39;s worried- could something be wrong with DigiLoveu0026#39;s algorithm? Or is it true when people say u0026quot;opposites attractu0026quot;?
Director: Adam Swica
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Romance
Release date: August 14, 2021 (Canada)