After the End 2020

After the End 2020 - Full (HD)

After the End

Plot Summary:

The world has been left in ruins following the outbreak of a terrifying disease. Deep in the Australian countryside, a group of survivors are locked in a constant struggle to stay alive. After a savage battle against a rival group, their leader and the majority of their village begin a search for safer habitation, leaving only a few behind to defend their home, from u0026#39;Marauders,u0026#39; and the dreaded, u0026#39;Infected.u0026#39; But when they capture a female Marauder, the group is shaken to the core, and forced to confront an even greater enemy. Each other.
Director: Helen McFarlane
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Release date: August 28, 2020 (United Kingdom)