All Through the House 2015

All Through the House 2015 - Full (HD)
All Through the House
  Rating: 4.7/1669

Plot Summary:

ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is an 80s-style slasher film featuring a deranged Santa Slayer who rips through the town of Napa, California for some yuletide-terror. Fifteen years ago, a peaceful Christmas neighborhood was engulfed by fear when five-year-old Jamie Garrett was mysteriously taken from her bedroom never to be seen again. Now on Christmas break, Rachel Kimmel comes home from college to find her neighborhood struck again by a reign of terror. A violent killer is hiding behind a grisly Santa mask, leaving a bloody trail of slaughtered women and castrated men to the steps of the Garrett house. Rachel finds herself in a horrifying nightmare as she discovers the twisted secret behind the mask.
Director: Todd Nunes
Running time: 1h 28min
Release date: 31 October 2015 (USA)
Cast: Ashley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, Melynda Kiring, Lito Velasco, Jason Ray Schumacher, Johanna Rae, Cathy Garrett, Kelsey Carlstedt, Jennifer Wenger, Tamra Garrett, Justice Lee, Natalie Montera, Sarah Miller, Danica Riner