Annabellum: The Curse of Salem 2019

Annabellum: The Curse of Salem 2019 - Full (HD)

Annabellum: The Curse of Salem

Plot Summary:

After unearthing a wooden crate containing a seemingly innocuous porcelain doll in the dusty attic of the historic Warwickshire Museum in the United Kingdom, the unsuspecting curator, David Whittaker, starts to experience unusual and hair-raising happenings. Utterly unaware of the haunted artefact's dark heritage which dates back to 1692 Salem, David, his family, and his assistant, Stephanie, will soon come face-to-face with an ancient malevolent force that craves innocent souls. Now, against the backdrop of unaccountable disappearances and intense paranormal occurrences, David finds himself trapped in a maze of horrors. Can they escape from Salem's fiery curse?
Director: Craig Rees
Running time: 1h 16min
Genre: Horror,Mystery,Thriller
Release date: 24 October 2019 (Sweden)
Cast: Liam Clarke, Andrew James Mead, Chris Millward, Monique Todd, Ashleigh McCallion, Wass Javed