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Plot Summary:

John and Steve have few redeemable qualities. They really would rather do as little as possible and live off of someone else's hard work. Only the opposite sex has a chance to make them change, John's high school sweetheart, Nichole, is back in town for one last class at the university. When they run into each other at school, John makes it his mission to get her back. Meanwhile, when Cindy applies for a job at the movie theater, Steve decides she will be his next conquest. But pretty soon the line is blurred between who is conquering whom. Add in an eccentric sociology professor and a mixed bag full of inappropriate situations and you have Bottom Feeders.
Director: Stephen M
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Release date:
Cast: Jeremy London, Tyler Aser, Melodie Roehrig, Jake Hepner, Bill Smith, Bridgette Yaxley