City of Vultures 2015

  1. City of Vultures 2015 - Full (HDRIP)
    City of Vultures
    2015 film
  2. Inside of an impoverished community in Chicago, Illinois, an ex-convicted felon, “Marcus Julian” returns from prison after eight years incarcerated. A product of a failed family structure, Marcus, like so many others in his community, functioned under a “street-code” of savagery. The “Gangster Disciples” governed the territories, and as a former outstanding member he lived in ongoing regret of the mob-related acts that led him to prison.
  3. His determination to fit into common society is partnered with his first love, Shonna. Once a sheltered young lady of stern upbringing, Shonna experienced atrocities as a pre-teen which later led to promiscuity and prostitution. Marcus’s release from prison was her “breath of hope”. They reunited on a quest to bury their darkened past and experience the fruits of the “American Dream” by escaping the realm of Chicago city streets.
  4. Opposing forces from their past is led by Marcus’s old friend, “Trigger”. Chairman of the street mobs ran in VULTURE CITY. Trigger has his own set of plans for Marcus to reconnect with his regime-right hand to the throne of robbery, extortion, and murder.
  5. A journey that entails the cultural divide between politicians, poverty stricken communities, and the Police Force, VULTURE CITY highlights the cause and effect of crime in Chicago. Desperate circumstances producing life-threatening mistakes, and the face of an unforgiving society. Told from the belly of the “Inner-City Beast”, one man’s quest to find a place in common society is met by the horrors of street elements determined to take his soul.
  6. Release date: 2015 (USA) 
  7. Directors:  Marcus Carothers
  8. Running time: 97 minutes
  9. Genre: Action
  10. Cast: Marcus Carothers, John J. Hill III