Dakota 2022

Dakota 2022 - Full (HD)


Plot Summary:

Single Mom and recently widowed Kate Sanders (Abbie Cornish) lives on her familyu0026#39;s farm in Georgia with her daughter Alex (Lola Sultan). Life on the farm is a challenge and things have only gotten more complicated when combat dog Dakota arrives on their doorstep delivered by Sergeant CJ Malcolm (Tim Rozon). CJ is fulling a promise made to his friend and fellow Afghanistan veteran Marine Clay Sanders (Kateu0026#39;s late husband and Alexu0026#39;s father) to bring Dakota home to them if he died. Kate spends her time between the farm and running the volunteer fire department. Dakota watches over the family becomes a local hero helping out around town. Meanwhile, the local Sheriff (Patrick Muldoon) knows an old long since buried secret, that the Sanderu0026#39;s Farm is valuable and has been leaning on Kate to sell. The Sheriff will stop at nothing to get his hands on their land. With the help her daughter Alex and Alexu0026#39;s new best friend, Dakota, Kate realizes the true value of the farm. Dakota teaches Alex there is nothing better than a dog as a best friend.
Director: Kirk Harris
Running time: 1H36M
Genre: Family
Release date: April 1, 2022 (United States)