Dawn of the Croods 2015: Season 1

  1. Dawn of the Croods 2015: Season 1 - Full (5/13)
    Dawn of the Croods
    2015 TV Series
  2. 8.0/10·IMDb
  3. Eep, Grug, Thunk, Ugga, Sandy and Gran are back and funnier than ever in this all-new family sitcom. Follow everyone’s favorite family as they meet new friends, outrun new creatures and encounter “firsts” the world has never seen – such as school, slumber parties, hiccups and elections. The Croods are discovering them all. “Dawn of the Croods” will be available exclusively on Netflix in all current territories except Germany and Japan.
  4. Release date: 24 December 2015
  5. Written: RuneMagle.
  6. Running time: 23 minutes
  7. Genre: Animation, Family.
  8. Cast: Dan Milano, Cree Summer, Stephanie Lemelin.