Don’t Change Hands 1975

Don't Change Hands 1975 - Full (HD)
Don’t Change Hands
  Rating: 5.4/164

Plot Summary:

A well-known politician woman receives a tape showing her son in a porno movie. She decides to hire a female detective to figure out who is trying to black-mail her.
Director: Paul Vecchiali
Running time: 1h 26min
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Release date: 16 June 1975 (France)
Cast: Myriam Mézières, Françoise Giret, Hélène Surgère, Sonia Saviange, Liza Braconnier, Howard Vernon, Nanette Corey, Michel Delahaye, Dominique Erlanger, Noël Simsolo, Huguette Dathane, Natacha Karenoff, Valérie Wilson, Jean Droze