Dragon Knight 2022

Dragon Knight 2022 - Full (HD)

Dragon Knight

Plot Summary:

Many years after the war has been lost, and all the dragons slain, a lone knight travels the lands of Agonos seeking to raise an army against the demon lord Abaddon. But the kings of men are fearful, happier to suffer under Abaddonu0026#39;s rule than risk rising up against him, and so far, the knightu0026#39;s quest has proved fruitless. There is hope, however, when a healeru0026#39;s vision reveals that one dragon still lives. Together with an eager young squire and a reformed assassin of Abaddon, the knight sets off in search of the fabled creature. As the armies of Abaddon descend on the human kingdoms, the dragon is their last hope of fending off the horde, before it lays waste to the lands of men. But does the creature even exist? And if it does, will it fight for them once more?
Director: Lawrie Brewster
Running time: 1H38M
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: March 28, 2022 (United Kingdom)