Dreaming Hollywood 2021

Dreaming Hollywood 2021 - Full (HD)

Dreaming Hollywood

Plot Summary:

Take a deep dive into Ray Balfiu0026#39;s bizarre world of psychotic drug dealers, incompetent cops and social rejects as he tries to begin a new life-direction and shops his cartoon screenplay to 100 L.A. production companies. While facing rejection after rejection Ray learns that someone has stolen his script and made his movie, The Dogu0026#39;s Meow without his permission. Now, Rayu0026#39;s already messed-up life is thrown into catastrophic mayhem. This dark, action-comedy slowly reels you into its Kubrick-like world of oddballs, outcasts and sociopaths. Punctuated by magical musical interludes and hyper-violent killing sprees, Fade Out Ray delivers one of the wildest rides youu0026#39;ll take this year.
Director: Frank Martinez
Running time: 2H2M
Genre: Crime
Release date: July 1, 2021 (United States)