Exorcist House of Evil 2016

Exorcist House of Evil 2016 - Full (HD)
Exorcist House of Evil
  Rating: 4.6/1158

Plot Summary:

Based on a true story, shot in THE REAL EXORCIST HOUSE, a young woman returns to her old family home, the site of an infamous exorcism and discovers the devil never left. This film was shot in THE REAL EXORCIST HOUSE and during filming captured both audible and visible paranormal activity which has been left in the film giving those who dare to watch a unique look into one of the most infamous homes in America and possibly exposing them to the devil still lurking within.
Director: David Trotti
Running time: 1h 33min
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Release date: 2 May 2016 (UK)
Cast: Amy Holland Pennell, Connor Trinneer, Mark Holzum, Peter Mayer, Matuschka Lindo, Candice M. Coleman, Margaret Kimble, John Pierson, Ford Fanter, Hayden Benbenek, Judy Man, Tim Ezell, Amy Kate Connolly, Cara Barresi