Girl in the Closet 2023

Girl in the Closet 2023 - Full (HD)

Girl in the Closet

Plot Summary:

Girl in the Closet: Directed by Jaira Thomas. With Tami Roman, Remy Ma, Stevie Baggs Jr., Danielle LaRoach. Based on real-life events, Girl In the Closet tells the story of 10 year old Cameron, who, after her mother suffered an aneurysm, was adopted by her Aunt Mia, who already had a husband and daughter of her own. Soon after arriving in her new home, Cameron started hearing strange, ghostly voices at night coming from the basement’s locked door. Little Cameron would soon discover what was actually behind that door, people chained to the wall, innocent victims of her Aunt’s schemes to enrich herself by cashing their benefit checks. It wasn’t long before Cameron was demoted down into the basement herself, where she would stay for the next ten years while police thought she was missing.
Director: Jaira Thomas
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Release date: Release date