House of Purgatory 2016

House of Purgatory 2016 - Full (HD)
House of Purgatory
  Rating: 4.1/406

Plot Summary:

Four teenagers go looking for a legendary haunted house that gives you money back for every floor you can complete. Once finding it, they realize the house is much more terrifying than a normal Halloween attraction – the house knows each of their secrets and one by one uses them against the teens.
Director: Tyler Christensen
Running time: 1h 15min
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release date: 21 October 2016 (USA)
Cast: Torey Adkins, Laura Coover, Marika Engelhardt, Brad Fry, Aaron Galvin, Elaine Ivy Harris, Dustin James, Brian Krause, Anne Leighton, Tom Lodewyck, Lisa Musser, Samantha Novak, Danny Rhodes, Catherine Smitko