Japanese Borscht 2019

Japanese Borscht 2019 - Full (HD)

Japanese Borscht

Plot Summary:

David after years of having a relationship with Lena and helping her raise her daughttt since she's 8 Is about to meet her brother who's been in jail 10 years Release on the daughters christines 18 birthday But at this party one of his games to friends was giving him a suitcase with $100,000 like I was missing this blame shifts to David Now he's banned from seeing her or the daughter He's an actor and he gets a roll at the Phantom of the opera short film by Ron Jeremy He runs into a Japanese friend from high school who introduces him to some Japanese gangsters who appear as regular guys coaxing him to go to Japan to act and make money But they aren't too high organize crime and on the way back when they realize that David has a problem seeing his ex-girlfriend and order they decide to intervene and The Japanese help him The Japanese help him
Director: Eric Spade Rivas
Running time: 2h
Genre: Drama
Release date: 30 July 2019 (USA)
Cast: Michael Musto, Ron Jeremy, Sylvia Miles, Ángel Salazar, Eric Spade Rivas, Gianluca Cammisa