John Q. 2002

John Q 2002 - Full (HD)
John Q
  Rating: 7.1/114545

Plot Summary:

John Quincy Archibald's son Michael collapses while playing baseball as a result of heart failure. John rushes Michael to a hospital emergency room where he is informed that Michael's only hope is a transplant. Unfortunately, John's insurance won't cover his son's transplant. Out of options, John Q. takes the emergency room staff and patients hostage until hospital doctors agree to do the transplant.
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Running time: 1h 56min
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Release date: 11 October 2002 (Sweden)
Cast: Gabriela Oltean, Denzel Washington, Kimberly Elise, Ron Annabelle, Daniel E. Smith, David Thornton, Barry G. King, Laura Harring, Kevin Connolly, Larissa Laskin, Vanessa Branch, Stephanie Moore, James Finnerty, Anne Heche