Lone Star 1996

Lone Star 1996 - Full (HD)

Lone Star

Plot Summary:

John Saylesu0026#39; murder-mystery explores interpersonal and interracial tensions in Rio County, Texas. Sam Deeds is the local sheriff who is called to investigate a 40-year-old skeleton found in the desert….As Sam delves deeper into the townu0026#39;s dark secrets, he begins to learn more about his father, the legendary former sheriff Buddy Deeds, who replaced the corrupt Charlie Wade. While Sam puzzles out the long-past events surrounding the mystery corpse, he also longs to rekindle a romance with his old high-school flame. Saylesu0026#39; complex characters are brought together as the tightly woven plot finally draws to its dramatic close.
Director: John Sayles
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Drama,Mystery
Release date: March 28, 1997 (Sweden)