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Plot Summary:

Victoria Worthington is a talented cake decorator who watches life from the sidelines, as she delivers her fancy cakes to weddings, galas, and fabulous parties, while she goes home exhausted. While delivering one of her cakes, she mistaken a wealthy, sought-after bachelor, Jacob Adams III, for a waiter who is working at the wedding. Victoria gets her mystery man, who goes by the name of Jake, to help her deliver the cake. They seem to have a special connection and fate steps in when they later reconnect at a coffee shop. He ends up following her to a protest at Adams Development , who is planning on tearing down her beloved bakery, but she has no clue that Jake is one of the Adams in Adams Development. Victoria is falling in love, but will their love survive when she discovers that he is Jacob Adams III and will her business survive?
Director: Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Romance
Release date:
Cast: Katrina Norman, Brad Benedict, Lexi Giovagnoli, Douglas Spain, Jann Van Dyke, Brian Childers