Moments in Spacetime 2020

Moments in Spacetime 2020 - Full (HD)

Moments in Spacetime

Plot Summary:

Macie (Patty Srisuwan), a Thai immigrant adopted into a North American family, must look after her dementia suffering grandfather (John Rhys-Davies). When she discovers that her birth mother may not have died in a tsunami fifteen years earlier, Macie teams up with grandfather to discover the truth about her past in order to decide which family means the most to her.
Director: Chris Cowden
Running time: 1h 52min
Genre: Drama
Release date: 25 October 2020 (Canada)
Cast: John Rhys-Davies, Patty Srisuwan, Sam Gittins, Nimet Kanji, Geordie Cheeseman, Kathryn Hotte