Octopus Pot 2022

Octopus Pot 2022 - Full (HD)

Octopus Pot

Plot Summary:

A broken man finds the one thing he canu0026#39;t live without only to lose it. He canu0026#39;t bring back the woman he loves, but he can cover the ground with the blood of his enemy. u0026quot;OCTOPUS POTu0026quot; syndrome – the Japanese call it Takotsubo syndrome – when stressful events cause the heart to balloon and distort, causing it to look like a traditional fishing trap. It scars and weakens the heart muscles and causes the left ventricle to distort and enlarge. The only outcome is certain death.
Director: Mykel Shannon Jenkins
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Drama
Release date: May 2022 (United States)