Peggy Sue Got Married 1987

Peggy Sue Got Married 1987 - Full (HD)

Peggy Sue Got Married

Plot Summary:

Peggy Sue was one of the most popular girls in high school, enjoying life with her friends and her boyfriend Charlie. It was the typical high school dream, until she finds herself married to Charlie and becoming a young mother. However, her life takes a serious turn, leaving her depressed and facing divorce when Charlie runs off with another woman. At her high school reunion, Peggy Sue faints and wakes up back in high school. Despite her confusion about what has happened and how to get back to her own time, Peggy realizes that she has a chance to start her life over, to avoid her depression and her marriage to Charlie. However, just because she knows the future, does that mean she can really avoid it?
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Running time: 1h 43min
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Romance
Release date: 30 January 1987 (Sweden)
Cast: Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage, Barry Miller, Catherine Hicks, Joan Allen, Kevin J. O'Connor