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Reno 911!

Plot Summary:

The lives of seven incompetent Reno sheriffu0026#39;s deputies are detailed in this u0026quot;Copsu0026quot; style parody. Among the colorful characters are Lt. Jim Dangle, the short-shorts-wearing, flamboyantly-gay supervisor; Deputy James Garcia, who makes police brutality an art form; Deputy Trudy Wiegel, the manic-depressive, socially-awkward officer; Deputy Clementine Johnson, the skanky former magicianu0026#39;s assistant; Deputy Travis Junior, the redneck who is never seen without his Kevlar vest and sunglasses; Deputy S. Jones, the semi-competent ladiesu0026#39; man; and Deputy Raineesha Williams, the bootylicious Black cop with an attitude.
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Running time: Not Available
Genre: Comedy,Crime
Release date: May 19, 2004 (Sweden)
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