Rock Paper Scissors 2021

Rock Paper Scissors 2021 - Full (HD)

Rock Paper Scissors

Plot Summary:

Kelvin Anis is an average teen whose life is turned upside down when heu0026#39;s forced to move from Los Angeles to a small mid-western town. On his first day of school, he befriends Fritz, an unpopular, wise-cracking misfit, who introduces Kelvin to the schoolu0026#39;s chess team. Only, the chess team is just a front for Fritzu0026#39;s unsanctioned Rock Paper Scissors league and Kelvin quickly gets thrown into the ridiculous culture of this so called u0026quot;sportu0026quot;. Along with the gangly u0026quot;movie produceru0026quot;, ReRun, the child genius, Cheddar and the uniquely gifted, Einstein, Kelvin joins Fritzu0026#39;s squad to form the team of five they need to qualify for the World Championships. And if joining an RPS playing team of misfits wasnu0026#39;t enough to make Kelvin a target of the school bully, Jordan, his budding romance with popular girl, Valerie, puts him squarely in Jordanu0026#39;s sites.
Director: Jayme Laforest, Richard Yearwood
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Release date: July 20, 2021 (United States)