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Plot Summary:

Caleb Johnson and James Dukes are best friends finishing up their sophomore year in college. The duo have become very popular at the university they attend located in Texarkana, TX less than an hour away from their very small home town of Mira, Louisiana. Riding their wave of popularity an opportunity presents itself when Caleb's grandmother is put in a nursing home leaving her somewhat secluded home in Mira unoccupied. The weekend before finals the guys take full advantage throwing an all out bash for a large group of friends and fellow students but as always a few uninvited guests end up crashing the party. Unfortunately for many of the party-goers one of these uninvited guests has intentions of making this literally a party to die for.
Director: Jimmy Tyson
Running time: 1h 27min
Genre: Horror
Release date:
Cast: Grits Carter, Russ Skains, Anne Nichols Brown, Alexis Morreale, Kurt DeVille, Ramsey Anderson