Stitchers 2015: Season 1

Stitchers 2015: Season 1, Episode 1, A Stitch in Time - Full (1/11)

  1. Stitchers
    American TV program
  2. Kirsten Clark, who has been recruited to join a covert government agency, has a special ability. Kirsten is able to be “stitched” into the minds of people who have recently died to use their memories to investigate murders. Taking advantage of Kirsten’s ability is Maggie Baptiste, who leads the secret program in which Kirsten works alongside neuroscientist Cameron Goodkin, who is passionate about the work the group does. Other members of the team include socially awkward communications technician Linus Ahluwalia and Kirsten’s roommate, computer science grad student Camille Engelson. When things go well, the team is able to use the “stitching” to solve mysteries that otherwise would have gone to the grave with the victims.
  3. First episode dateJune 2, 2015
  4. LanguageEnglish
  5. GenreProcedural drama
  6. Allison Scagliotti (Camille Engelson)
    Allison Scagliotti
    Camille Engelson
    Emma Ishta (Kirsten Clark)
    Emma Ishta
    Kirsten Clark
    Ritesh Rajan (Linus Ahluwalia)
    Ritesh Rajan
    Linus Ahluwalia
    Salli Richardson (Maggie Baptiste)
    Salli Richardson
    Maggie Baptiste
    Kyle Harris (Cameron Goodkin)
    Kyle Harris
    Cameron Goodkin