Stuart Little 1999

Stuart Little 1999 - Full (HD)

Stuart Little

Plot Summary:

In New York City, you would come across a small house, home to a family known as the Littles. You would happen to think of them as the nicest family youu0026#39;d ever meet. One day, Fredrick and Eleanor, both parents and Littles, ho to and orphanage to find a brother for their son, George. While at it, they meet Stuart, a small, but charming mouse, who apparently, is human-civilized. They adopt him, and everyone, even George, loves him. But there is one problem with Stuartu0026#39;s life, Snowbell, the Little family cat, who wants him. But when trouble starts up almost immediately, Stuart must make it back to his home-before snowbellu0026#39;s friends find out about him
Director: Rob Minkoff
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Family
Release date: March 18, 2000 (Sweden)