Tank 432 2015

Tank 432 2016 - Full (HD)
Tank 432
  Rating: 3.4/1436

Plot Summary:

With nowhere else to hide, a group of mercenaries and their two prisoners take cover inside a long abandoned Bulldog tank. But, while they try to keep the forces outside at bay, the real enemy is already among them, locked inside the 'Belly of the Bulldog'.
Director: Nick Gillespie
Running time: 1h 28min
Genre: Action, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War
Release date: 6 October 2016 (Kuwait)
Cast: Rupert Evans, Steve Garry, Deirdre Mullins, Michael Smiley, Gordon Kennedy, April Pearson, Tom Meeten, Alex Rose March, Georgina Beedle, Todd Bruce