The Death Note 2016

  1. The Death Note 2016 - Full (HD - Mandarin)
    The Death Note
    2016 film
  2. The story is about a girl Liang Qian some bizarre experience. Liang Qian grandmother from the orphanage, adoption and single-handedly brought back home, grow up rebellious uninhibited Liang Qian, she accidentally pregnant annoy grandmother, indirectly led to the onset of stroke grandmother died. Liang Qian grandmother’s death left a record of their life experience notebook, a strange testament she must give birth to a child, there is a lonely empty house.  Liang Qian waiting for a child born in the confession, but all are quiet a strange woman broke. The woman rented a room, every day to do eat Liang Qian, Liang Qian of the unborn child and take care of Canada, but slowly, Liang Qian found her all sorts of strange behavior, peeping through, track, beam Qian was dismayed to find the woman turned out to be a tenant infant food people! The most frightening is that this woman’s hand being stretched Liang Qian children ate ……  Liang Qian how to break? The answer is in that notebook. 
  3. Release date: 20 June 2016 (Mainland China) 
  4. Directors:  Jiang Jun .
  5. Running time: 99 minutes
  6. Genre: Thriller, Horror 
  7. Cast: Cao striking, Li Zheng, Ben Lee …