The Planters 2020

The Planters 2020 - Full (HD)

The Planters

Plot Summary:

In the wake of her parents death, awkward telemarketer Martha Plant lives a lonely existence sucking at selling air conditioners, burying stolen treasure in the desert, and eating split pea soup. When she fortuitously collides into Sadie Mayflower, a bubbly vagrant with an orange suitcase and penchant for chit chat, Martha takes her in and offers her a position as her treasure burying assistant. But Martha quickly discovers her people-savvy friend has multiple personalities, some nicer than others.
Director: Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder
Running time: 1h 18min
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 8 December 2020 (USA)
Cast: Alexandra Kotcheff, Hannah Leder, Phil Parolisi, Pepe Serna, Michael Gmur, Jovan Adepo