Until We Meet Again 2022

Until We Meet Again 2022 - Full (HD)

Until We Meet Again

Plot Summary:

For thirty-five years the ghost of EDDIE CONWAY a passionate young pianist has haunted an old house in the Hollywood Hills, unable to move on without completing his piano concerto. Then a pretty Midwestern girl, LISA WAGNER, moves in and disrupt his afterlife. Lisa is also a musician, a young unknown with dreams of her own, and her spirit connects with Eddieu0026#39;s. The girl and the ghost find each other thru music. Lisa and Eddie become fond of each other. Naturally their fondness turns to romance, but they both know itu0026#39;s impossible. They resist the attraction as long as they can. Eventually love overcomes even death, then tragedy strikes.
Director: Pece Dingo
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Romance
Release date: February 15, 2022 (United States)