Vampire Burt’s Serenade 2020

Vampire Burt's Serenade 2020 - Full (HD)

Vampire Burt’s Serenade

Plot Summary:

A raunchy Vampire – Zombie Musical Indulgent vampire, Burt (Kevin Richardson), angers a group of unique and humorous strippers (Diva Zappa) who declare war on Burt. This sexy-violent musical full of hot dancing, drug addled nymphettes, existential zombies and gallons of blood. A Zappa Zombie trying to kill a Backstreet Boy Vampire…no really.
Director: Ken Roht
Running time: 1h 16min
Genre: Comedy,Horror,Musical
Release date: 8 May 2020 (USA)
Cast: Catherine Alfonso, Erin Anderson, Brooke Baldwin, Brandon Baruch, Julie Bolene, Shannon Hart Cleary