11 Blocks 2015

11 Blocks 2015 - Full (HDRIP)
  1. 11 Blocks
    2015 film
  2. Not yet released·IMDb
  3. John ‘Concrete’ Hong has one night to fight his way across a violent city and rescue the one he loves. After eviction from their apartment, John and Bethany Hong are forced to live on the streets of Union, a violent city where street gangs control the lower blocks. When John journeys to the bottom of the city to find work, the WCC gang corners him. After fighting his way out, he becomes the target of the corrupt Police Chief and his hired assassin, Finger.
  4. Release date: 2015 (USA) 
  5. Directors:  Matthew Bennett, Sasha Moric
  6. Running time: 78 minutes
  7. Genre: Action
  8. Cast: Craig Henry, Bart Badzioch, Serje Basi